MAD in Situ are workshops at 4 rue du Vautour - 1000 Brussels for MAD Brussels designers who are located in the Anneessens district in the middle of Brussels.

MAD in Situ is made up of six shared workshops, a multi-purpose area and a bar. The selected designers will take up an area for a maximum of one year, which can be extended by a year if their file justifies that.

MAD in Situ are interdisciplinary workshops.
They will comprise from ten to 15 designers split into six workshops and covering all the sectors of design (urban design, textile design, industrial design, graphic design etc.).The aim of these workshops-residences is to create synergies and cohesion in the group in order to generate a creative dynamic among the residents.

MAD in Situ is a project set in a district.

The aim of these workshops is to kickstart a ‘collaborative design' dynamic by establishing a creative hub in the district. The ‘resident' designer will develop his/her personal projects but will also have an approach that will take into account issues in the district or projects of collective interest. Through the different associations that are active in the district, he/she will have the ambition of putting inhabitants at the centre of his/her thinking. The objective of this approach will be to generate cohesion between the residence and the district and to promote this type of experience in the context of other districts or projects with a society dimension.

MAD in Situ is a laboratory.
The third aspect of these workshops is forward-looking. The designers present in the workshops will be prompted to do in-depth thinking into the new dynamics and research linked to design.