Anne Chapelle


CEO of BVBA 32 (Atelier Ann Demeulemeester) and BVBA Atelier Haider Ackermann Anne Chapelle has championed the long term vision of the power of independency and creativity combined with her respect for the core identity of her ateliers to transform her unique approach to her operating business model.
She has decisively positioned both companies for its next generation of growth. She is convinced that the future of the luxury industry is about integrity and authenticity of the brand (a sustainable value chain), embracing talent (not squeezing them out), partnering with suppliers and merging people’s skills with new technologies. Anne Chapelle started to work with Ann Demeulemeester in 1994, when she undertook the reorganization of the company. She returned the atelier to profitability as she embarked upon a strategy of impressive but steady growth further developing the Belgian luxury company. In the process, she always focused on people and craftsmanship as the cornerstone of the organization.
In 2007, Mrs. Chapelle introduced Haider Ackermann. She has also guided this company across significant and challenging stages of development to a carefully chosen growth model in international markets.
Mrs. Anne Chapelle is a Board Member of the Antwerp Management School , Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF) and Global Compact Network Belgium. 

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