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With a background in fashion, event production, business and operation, Bess Stonehouse facilitates group conversations to identify and achieve common objectives.
Partnering with opinion-makers, change-makers and experts, Bess contributes analysis of complex environments and explores opportunities for alignment and engagement. Complexity invites divergent thinking, asking the right questions and agreement on the fundamental issues that propel, or hinder, evolution. As a ‘content neutral’ moderator, Bess catalyses the participants’ exchanges in their search for fresh ideas and collaboration.  
Besides all this, Bess is constultant and organisational development professional in different fields and for several institutions such as Innovation Union of the European Commission, European Investment Bank and Strategic Design Scenario. She also is producer – doing live performances and publicity – for Dragone (Le Reve), Mostra, Peter Brooke and numerous productions worldwide. Finally, Bess uses her creative skills as a designer or craftsman for projects in the field of fashion, theatre, opera and film.

ModeratorMAD Brussels