Judith Tolley

With more than 20 years experience in the fashion industry, encompassing fashion business start-up, retail management, marketing, trend analysis and business development, Judith Tolley joined the Centre for Fashion Enterprice (CFE) as manager in May 2010. Tolley has wide-ranging experience and industry relevant perspective in dealing with and nurturing emerging designers businesses.
As director of the iconic British menswear brand ‘Burro’ from 1990-2005, she worked from the ground up to develop a fashion start-up with a single product into a global brand. Judith Tolley is a proven entrepreneur. Following Burro, Tolley set up a sourcing office in the Far East supplying volume manufacturing via ethically audited factories to the UK’s major high street retailers, and later reinvigorated and expanded the European sales and client base of a London based print studio, creating graphics for luxury and high street brands across the UK, Europe, USA and China.
Judith has reached an influence in the British fashion industry at a global level. At the CFE, Judith delivers strategic planning and development to the CFE and to the CFE designers. Her strengths are strategy management, brand building, financial management and entrepreneurship. 

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