Petar Petrov

The young designer Petar Petrov, born in Ukraine and raised in Bulgaria, studied fashion design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Viktor & Rolf and Raf Simons. The luxury brand Petar Petrov was founded in Vienna in 2005, beginning with men’s collections and offering women’s fashion since 2008.
Petrov’s designs are inextricably bound to the principles of Viennese modernism. He masterfully combines the intrinsic beauty of the material with clear forms to attain a straightforward, direct, and precise appearance.
Petrov evokes a fascinating juxtaposition of fluidity and strictness; a combination perhaps inspired by his Eastern European origin, where improvisation is key and rarely fails to solve a task, one doesn’t shy away from taboos, has learned to subvert every rule, every standard. That he knows how to apply this somewhat raw technique of appropriation to the forms and signs of the grand style demonstrates courage, perseverance, and ingenuity. This balance also earned him surprising success among women. Petrov combines these characteristics with unusual confidence and unpredictable results, sees simplicity in high quality, evolves masculinity from the feminine or luxury from the inconspicuous; he can be smooth and rough, sophisticated and completely casual all at once. 

SpeakerMAD Brussels