Wendy Malem

As a fashion design graduate, Wendy Malem was awarded in 1996 an Master of Business Administration and Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers. Her experience spans and crosses the disciplines of luxury fashion and higher education. Malem is an authority on successfully marrying creativity and commerciality: she has contributed to the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, presented papers to international audiences on creativity compared to risk, investment and nurturing nascent design talent and has led Arts & Humanities Research Council funded workshops on Creativity in the Creative Industries. In her role as Dean of Graduate School at London College of Fashion, Wendy steers educational and skill based projects for the fashion sector.
As the director of Centre for Fashion Enterprise, she has undertaken research projects for Nesta (UK Designer Fashion Economy and Barriers to Growth in UK, December 2008) and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (High-End Fashion Manufacturing in the UK: Product and Process, July 2009) and advocates a strategic approach to the manufacturing and design sectors as part of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise/British Fashion Council/Manufacturing Advisory Service alliance. Malem has been Director of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise since April 2007. 

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